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Liturgical Ministries

Liturgical Ministries:

Eucharistic Bread Baking: Students assist in baking the unleavened Eucharistic bread for liturgies.

Eucharistic Ministers: Members of the University community are trained to witness their faith by their active participation in the liturgy through sharing the Eucharist.

Leader of Song/Cantor: Invites the congregation to sing at mass and lead them in song at our liturgies.

Lectors: Members of the University community are trained to provide a meaningful presentation of the scriptures.

Liturgical Choir: Singers and instrumentalists energize our weekend liturgies.

Liturgical Coordinator: Students plan liturgical celebrations throughout the year.

Ministry of Hospitality at Liturgy: Students will welcome people before mass starts, pass out the song books, programs, etc. and ask someone to bring up the gifts. Students will also be responsible for collecting books and to help straighten the chapel when the Liturgy is over.

Sacristans: Students assist in setting up for mass and cleaning up afterwards at liturgical programs.

University Chapel
Mercy Hall, First Floor
Saturdays at 4:00pm
Sundays at 7:00pm
Daily Liturgy Monday-Friday at 12:05pm