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Parents have just as many questions and concerns as their children when making the college choice. That's why Misericordia University has designed this online version of our popular "Guide for Parents". It's the first step for finding out what Misericordia University has to offer and we hope it answers many of the questions that you have. The Parents' Guide gives you useful facts about financial aid, support services, and our unique Guaranteed Placement Program, among other topics you want to know about. It also describes the less tangible advantages of a Misericordia education that make it such a fit for so many students and relieves the minds of so many parents.

Why a Private College?

Freshman Year Experience: A User's Guide to College

Price vs.Cost and Financial Aid

Questions Parents Ask

Division III Athletics at Misericordia

Misericordia's Guaranteed Placement Program

Campus Life at Misericordia

Rigorous Academics