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Weekend Entry-Level Master's Program

Program Description
Course Sequence
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Admissions Requirements

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Weekend Program Description

The Weekend Program is designed to meet the needs of the adult learner. The Program meets every other weekend during the semester. Classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays from 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., during the fall, spring and summer terms. The Program brings together students from a wide diversity of undergraduate majors and backgrounds. A number of local motels and hotels exist for overnight housing. The program can be completed in just three years.

Three Year Entry-level BS to MS Program

Required Sequence-Classes of 2014 and Beyond

This program is specifically designed for individuals who possess a baccalaureate degree in another discipline.  


OT 103 Intro to OT** (3 cr.)

OT 205/705 Occupations I  (3 cr.) OT 275/775 Occupations II   (3 cr.)             
OT 220 Human Development**       (3 cr.) OT 221 Human Development II**   (3 cr.)  
OT 320 Impairments & Disabilities**  (3 cr.) OT 330 Conceptual Foundations  (3 cr) OT 312/712 Functional Anatomy  (4 cr.)
 Total credits:      9 Total credits:      9 Total credits:   7
OT 313/713 Applied Neuroscience    (4 cr.) OT 510/770 Pediatric Occupational Performance Interventions I    (4 cr.) OT 690 Research Project I (3cr.)
OT 405/715 Occupational Performance Analysis  (3 cr.) OT 520 Research Design in OT     (3 cr.) OT 410 Community Based Practice I (3 cr.)
OT 407/707 Clinical Skills  (3 cr.)  OT 335 Context and Environment ** (3 cr.) OT 511/711 Adult Occupational Performance Interventions II (4 cr.)
 HP 999 CPR Training (0 cr) OT 591 FW Level 1-Pediatrics  (0 cr) OT 592 FW Level 1-Adult  (0 cr)
Total credits:         10  Total credits:         10  Total credits:         10
OT 695 Research Project II ** (3 cr) OT 601  Level II Fieldwork   (7 cr.) OT 630 Issues/Trends**   (2 cr.)
OT 433 Evidence Based Practice I ** (3 cr.) OT 602A Level II Fieldwork   (3 cr.) OT 570 Management and Entrepreneurship in OT** (3 cr.)
OT 512/772 Geriatric Occupational Performance Interventions III (4 cr.)    OT 602B Level II Fieldwork II (4 cr.)
     OT 699 Practice Exam Preparation (S/U) (continue from spring through summer)  (0 cr.)
Total credits:         10  Total credits:         10  Total credits:         9
Please Note: Classes meet on-campus for eight weekend sessions during the fall and spring semesters and seven weekend sessions during the summer session. Some courses include the use of Blackboard as a distance learning component, with reduced face-to-face meeting time. An **asterisk indicates that courses will have a reduced number of on-campus sessions.

Contact Information

For Admissions Information
Larree Brown
(570) 674-6451


OT Weekend Program Director
Dr. Gwen Bartolacci
(570) 674-6257


Admission Criteria:

Prerequisite courses: The application must include official transcripts for the following prerequisite courses:

  1. BIO 211 A&P I (with lab)
  2. BIO 212 A& P II (with lab)
  3. Math 115
  4. Physics 117 (with lab)
  5. PSY 290 Psychopathology (Abnormal Psych)


Prospective students must have a baccalaureate degree in another discipline. Students should not apply if they have not completed their degree. Official transcripts must state "Degree Conferred".

Students with a diverse background of extracurricular activity, leadership positions, and appreciation for the relevance that occupation plays in their individual lives and who meet the following criteria will be considered for the Occupational Therapy Program. The requirements are:

  1. A Baccalaureate Degree in another discipline from an accredited program with a minimum of a 3.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average

  2. Two letters of reference (at least one from an occupational therapist is highly recommended)

  3. 6-8 hours of documented service in a health care setting with an occupational therapist

  4. Submission of a 500 word, typed statement of personal and professional goals

  5. Successful interview with an occupational therapy faculty member

  6. Certified occupational therapy assistants must submit evidence of current NBCOT certification.

Interviews are conducted several times yearly during a weekend that occupational therapy classes are held. Applicants are interviewed and also have the opportunity to meet with other faculty members, attend an OT class, and meet students in the program.