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Ethics Institute Board Members

The Ethics Institute of NEPA at Misericordia University was established in 1987 by Sister Siena Finley, RSM, and a group of community professionals and leaders from the Wyoming Valley who wished to foster more dialogue on ethical issues affecting the region. It is an institute directed by regional leaders and educators who are committed to the discussion of ethical issues both theoretical and practical. The institute encourages responsible ethical action through informed rational deliberation and it facilitates the process in the academic community as well as in the community at large through special workshops and forums.

Ethics Institute of NEPA at Misericordia University board members


Rev. Michael Bryant

Dr. Joseph Curran

Mr. David Ehrensperger

Dr. Margaret Gannon, IHM

Ms. Kathleen Gelso

Mr. Howard Grossman

Dr. Martha Hanlon, RSM

Ms. Karen Holcomb

Rev. Daniel Issing, C.S.C.

Mr. George Kauffman, III

Rabbi Roger Learner

Mr. Thomas Maheady

Ms. Alejandra Marroquin

Dr. Gary Mrozinski

Ms. Kristine Pruett

Atty. Eileen Reilly

Dr. Paul Reinert

Associate Board Members

Ms. Rita Boyle

Dr. Mahmoud Fahmy

Mr. William Jones

Ms. Elly Miller

Dr. Henry Nardone

Dr. Margarita Rose

Dr. Charles Zola


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