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B.A. Government, Law and National Security

The GLNS program equips graduates with a solid academic foundation for entry-level career employment and mid-level career mobility opportunities in broad areas of criminal justice, public safety, security services, government and court administration, and legal services. The curriculum is designed for professional first responders, including municipal police officers, public safety agencies, emergency management personnel, state and federal law enforcement, homeland security organizations, and local, state and federal government and court administration.

The GLNS degree seeks to assist those already employed in the field to improve their educational background and skills, thereby increasing job mobility. In addition, GLNS prepares students for graduate study in law, government administration, business and national security studies.

Courses Required for the GLNS Major
Major Requirements (36 credits) Students must complete all courses listed in this category.


Course # Title   Course # Title
PSY 285 Communication Skills   POL 308 Comparative Government
BUS 208 Principles of Management   POL 321 U.S. National Security I: History & Concepts
GEO 202 Cultural World Geography   POL 322 U.S. National Security II: Institutions & Methods
POL 100 American National Government   POL 323 U.S. National Security III: Threats, Challenges and Solutions
POL 103 Global Politics   POL 405 American Constitutional Law I: Federalism
POL 251 Law Seminar I: Intro to the American Legal System   POL 406 American Constitutional Law II:  The Bill of Rights


Major Electives (15 credits) Students must complete 5 courses in this category.


Course # Title   Course # Title
BUS 207 Contemporary Economics   PHL 223 Social Ethics

BUS 306

Organizational Behavior   PHL 270 Social and Political Philosophy
BUS 415 International Business   POL 252 Law Seminar II: The Trial in American Life
BUS 465 Special Topics in Business (up to 6 credits)   POL 485 Special Topics
HIS 320 Selected Studies in History (up to 6 credits)   PSY 290 Psychopathology
HIS 322 World Wars, Cold War, and Beyond   SOC 101 Comparative Sociology
HIS 330 Immigration and American Ethnic History   SOC 122 Social Problems
HIS 350 Post-1945 U.S. History   SOC 221 Cultural Minorities
ITS 200 Intro to IT Security     Foreign Language (up to 6 credits)
  Criminal Justice (up to 6 credits)      


A review of the student's transcript will determine which courses completed at other institutions are equivalent to the course requirements. In addition to completing the major courses, students will be required to complete additional liberal arts electives as part of the core curriculum.

Total Credits for Degree Completion 121


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