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B.S. Accounting


Accounting is the language of business that allows different entities to communicate effectively with each other. The accounting profession provides this vital service to management and owners of business firms, investors, creditors, labor unions, government agencies, and, most importantly, to the general public. The curriculum of the accounting major is designed to provide individuals with communication, critical thinking, and analytical skills, as well as the technical proficiency to become professional accountants.
The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and other accounting organizations continually emphasize the value of a broad approach to education. The liberal arts core and business courses that are required of all accounting majors address this need and help individuals acquire the necessary skills that will contribute to a productive life and satisfying career. Accounting courses also integrate an extensive use of computers and standard business software into instruction and student assignments.
The Accounting program is accredited by IACBE. 
Courses Required for the Accounting Major
Course # Course Title Course # Course Title
BUS 205 Macroeconomics ACC 101 Principles of Accounting
BUS 206 Microeconomics ACC 310  Cost Accounting
BUS 208  Principles of Management ACC 340 Intermediate Accounting I
BUS 269 Principles of Marketing ACC 341  Intermediate Accounting II
BUS 300 Quantitative Methods ACC 342 Intermediate Accounting III
BUS 306 Organizational Behavior ACC 401 Taxes
BUS 352  Business Law ACC 410 Auditing
BUS 360  Mgmt of Human Resources ACC 440 Adv. Financial Accounting
BUS 371  Business Financial Mgmt. ACC 472 Accounting Internship (6 cr)
BUS 415 International Business     
MIS 110  Introduction to Info Systems     
A review of the student’s transcript will determine which courses completed at other institutions are equivalents to the course requirements. In addition to completing the major courses, students will be required to complete additional liberal arts electives as part of the core curriculum.
Total Credits for Degree Completion   121


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