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Inclusive Excellence

Misericordia University is transformative for students, faculty, staff, and our extended community through our efforts to engage and exemplify diversity and to create an environment that is defined by inclusive excellence.


  • Initiate and support campus and community-wide diversity initiatives
  • Develop an intercultural office that provides and promotes campus programming focused on diversity and inclusive excellence
  • Develop courses in core and majors that are focused on foreign language acquisition, diversity and global issues
  • Increase institutional diversity demographics by recruiting and retaining a diverse population


  • % of new Freshmen representing diverse racial/ethnic groups
  • % of Full-time undergraduates representing diverse racial/ethnic groups
  • % of Faculty & Staff representing diverse racial/ethnic groups
  • NSSE: MU encouraged contact among students of different backgrounds
  • NSSE: MU helped in understanding other racial and ethnic backgrounds