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Incoming 1st Year Placement Information

Hello Incoming Students,

As an Incoming 1st year student to Misericordia University, you have the option to live on-campus. Upon your deposit to the institution,  you will receive information from the Admissions Office (usually in early February) about setting up your Orientation Date, information for the Health Center and Residence Life. Please follow the directions on the website to complete all of the information. The information you will receive about Residence Life is listed below:



On the website mentioned above, you will find 3 forms: The CAMPUS HOUSING AGREEMENT, the MEAL PLAN Form and the ROOMMATE MATCHING FORM.  In order for us to prepare for your arrival, we ask that you take the time to carefully read and then complete and submit these 3 forms.

  • Campus Housing Agreement – Print & sign form & mail to the Office of Residence Life.

 Misericordia University

                                                Office of Residence Life

                                                301 Lake Street

                                                Dallas PA  18612

  • Meal Plan Form – Submit on-line (For billing purposes, this form must be completed by Fri. July 4, 2014. If not completed by July 4, 2014, you will receive the most expensive meal plan).
  • Roommate Matching Form – Submit on-line (For room placement purposes, must be completed by Mon. July 4, 2014).

Placement Procedures

  • Your $400.00 Admission deposit will guarantee you a residential space at the University.
  • Your Deposit Date to MU will be used for your specific placement only if the Campus Housing Agreement is received by 4:30 PM on Monday, July 21, 2014.
  • The initial Admission Deposit date will not be used for placement purposes if the Campus Housing Agreement is not received by 4:30PM on Monday, July 21, 2014. The date that will be used for placement will then become the date that the agreement is received.

Roommate Requests

*If you would like to request a specific roommate, the following procedure must be followed in order for it to be considered.

·         The requests must be mutual and the names must match on both Roommate Matching forms.

·         To increase the likelihood of having your request granted, both students must make sure that their Roommate Matching Forms & Meal Plan Forms have been submitted on-line and that their Campus Housing Agreements have been signed & mailed to the Office of Residence Life by May 1st, 2014.

PLEASE NOTE:  Although we do our best to grant specific requests, WE DO NOT  GUARANTEE THEM AT ANY TIME!        

·         Students may still make a roommate request after May 1st, 2014; however the likelihood of granting these requests greatly decreases.

·         If you do not have a specific person to request as a roommate, the Office of Residence Life asks that you fill out the preferences on the Roommate Matching Form honestly and accurately; for your specific answers will help determine how roommates will be placed together.


Know that becoming a part of our residential community will not only challenge you to grow in a “living / learning” environment, but will also present you with an opportunity to make life long friendships.

During the Summer Orientation, you will also have the opportunity to meet Donna M. Ellis, the Director of Residence Life, AJ Nudo, the Assistant Director of Residence Life and some of the Residence Life Staff.  At that time they will be happy to answer any questions / concerns that you may have regarding Residence Life.  Should you need to contact their office beforehand, please feel free to call Annmarie Narcum (Secretary for the Office) at (570)-674-6178.


2013-2014 Room Rates (rates listed are per semester) :

Alumnae Hall & McHale Hall  - $3,500 per semester (7,000 per academic year)