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Computer Science/Mathematics Major

Sr. Patricia Lapczynski RSM DPS



Majors, Specializations and Certifications

Mathematics/Computer Science Major Combined Major

College of Arts and Sciences

Degree: B.S./Mathematics and Computer Science

Mathematics Department Chairperson: Dr. Pat Touhey


Computer Science Program Director: Sr. Patricia Lapczynski

Misericordia University offers a double major in Mathematics and Computer Science which leads to a Bachelor of Science degree. The program is designed for students with strong interest in each of these fields. The Computer Science major leads to a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. The program prepares students to pursue careers in scientific or industrial programming and systems analysis, or to continue their education at the graduate level. Students have ample access to computer labs stocked with IBM PC compatibles. All facets of the hardware and software are continually upgraded to ensure that students work with the most recent components of this dynamic technology. The program is excellent for graduate study, and also provides a solid background for employment in the ever-growing field of statistics and computer science.

The individual curricula for the Mathematics and Computer Science majors are very similar. To obtain a double major, students must complete the requirements for the degree in Computer Science, and take five additional approved upper level mathematics courses.