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Ars Liberalis


Ars Liberalis is a digital humanities zine created by students in the English Department and Digital Humanities Collective at Misericordia University.  The mission of this zine is to  promote interdisciplinary collaboration among students in the humanities who will be publishing  multimedia projects and feature stories to a website they created and designed.  Students hope to keep the community (both on and off campus) up-to-date on important events, courses, service, and scholarship in the humanities at Misericordia University.  In particular, they want to stress that a liberal arts education gives students the skills required to be good citizens.  Ars liberalis: the Latin word ars and its Greek equivalent techne do not connotate the contemporary meaning of the word "arts." Rather, the word ars refers to a craft or a skill. Thus, the study of history, religion, culture, communications, philosophy, literature, and the visual and performing arts give students the organizational, critical, and rhetorical skills needed for contemplating the human condition and for governing.  Students in the Digital Humanities Collective are developing new ways to communicate and share their academic pursuits and contributions to their fields with the campus and local community.  They want to use this zine to creatively begin a dialogue with their community while exploring the possibilities of multimodal scholarship in their fields.

Advisor: Dr. Trisha Brady, Dept. of English

Student Editorial Committee:

MaryKate Smith, English

Nicole Mostik, English

Sarah Hauze, English