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MU OT Program Outcomes


Pass rates are reported for all schools on line on a state by state basis. Misericordia University's 2013 OT pass rate data is now available online at The 2013 pass rate for the Misericordia University OT entry level program was 100%.

Occupational therapists work in a wide variety of settings and with age groups from birth through older adulthood. Employment settings include school systems, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, day care centers, hospitals, community mental health centers, prisons, home health agencies, private practice, educational institutions, early intervention programs, and dozens of other sites.

Occupational Therapy Alumni Survey:

Each year the Occupational Therapy Department conducts a survey of its most recent graduating class. The graduates are asked to rate the curriculum on how well it prepared them for practice. Results of graduate surveys show that the vast majority of those who responded felt the curriculum prepared them very well for practice.

Survey of Occupational Therapy Graduates’ Supervisors and Employers:

The Occupational Therapy Department also conducts a yearly survey of the supervisors and employers of its recent graduates. The vast majority of the responses from supervisors and employers indicate a high degree of employer satisfaction with the occupational therapy preparation of the graduates.

Career Placement:

Career placement is excellent. Historically there has been, and continues to be, nearly 100% job placement for Misericordia University Occupational Therapy graduates.

Job Outlook:

Recent projections predict a healthy future for occupational therapy. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the job rate growth to be at 29%(much faster than average) for 2012-2022.

Current Salaries:

The Bureau also states that the median pay in 2012 for occupational therapists was $75,400 per year.

For more Information:

Please refer to this link from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for more information on job and salary prospects in occupational therapy:

Prospective students are also encouraged to consult the numerous resources concerning job opportunities and salaries available on the web at the American Occupational Therapy Association: