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Program Goals

1. To ground students in the theories, concepts, knowledge, and skills in the applied behavioral sciences which are essential in the understanding and analysis of the interconnectedness of human behavior and the environment,

2. To foster students' ability to integrate institutional and professional ideals which facilitate students' ability to understand and respect complexities of human interaction among diverse populations and the impact of the cultural environment of family, workplace, and community.

3. To prepare students for graduate studies and continue to foster commitment to life-long learning which includes but is not limited to use of advanced technology in the pursuit of professional and personal growth.

4. To foster professional and personal growth through understanding and addressing ethical and value issues that both conflict and coincide with their own belief systems and that of others.

5. To challenge students to become self-aware through reflective thinking and constructive analysis in an effort to problem solve and improve the quality of life of vulnerable populations.

6. To encourage students to creatively contribute to their communities the understanding of the values of mercy, service, justice and hospitality.