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Fall 2014 SSC Workshops

Workshops will be held in the Student Success Center room 40, unless otherwise noted.

Writing Studio: We've Only Just Begun: Using the Thesis Throughout a Paper 
A great thesis doesn't end at the introduction.  This workshop will focus on the importance of brainstorming, outlining, and composing clear, concise papers. Presented by the Writing Center Tutors

Tuesday, September 9th - 6:00 pm
*RSVP to or (570)674-6191

"What Does my Professor Want?"
Come learn some tips and techniques to help you be successful in the classroom and in communication with your faculty members. Presented by Bruce Riley

Thursday, September 18th - 6:00 pm

There's an app for that
Come learn about some apps that can help you be more successful in college. Presented by Megan Hurley and Kelli Gargone

Tuesday, September 30th  - 12:00 pm

Writing Studio: Potent Quotables (or "How to Quote and Why")
Quoting a direct source is a good step toward crafting a well-supported paper, but there is an art to citation.  This workshop will focus on the effective use of quotes, proper citation methods, and the subtlety of paraphrasing. Presented by the Writing Center Tutors

Wednesday, October 1st - 12:00 pm
*RSVP to or (570)674-6191


Developing Smart Study Strategies
Need to change the way you've been studying? Want to learn new tips to incorporate to your study habits? Come learn effective ways to connect your learning in the classroom so you can better prepare for exams and quizzes. Presented by Bruce Riley

Tuesday, October 7th - 6:00 pm

Advisement and Registration
Navigate through the course schedule and prepare for advisor meetings. Presented by Kristen Ricardo.

Wednesday, October 15th - 12:00 pm

Writing Studio: Activating the Active Sentence
Professors can smell a passive sentence from pages away.  Take this workshop and learn how to keep detailed, active sentences working for you. Presented by the Writing Center Tutors.

Tuesday, October 28th - 6:00 pm
*RSVP to writingc@ or (570)674-6191

Test Taking Strategies
Learn a variety of study skills to help you prepare for your next exam. Presented by Bruce Riley

Tuesday, November 11th - 6:00 pm

Writing Studio: A Promise of Peer Review: The Art of Constructive Criticism
Have you ever been asked by a classmate to read their paper and give your honest opinion?  This session is for the student who is unsure how to give (or take) constructive criticism.  Sincere compliments will also be covered. Presented by the Writing Center Tutors

Wednesday, November 19th - 12:00 pm
*RSVP to writingc@ or (570)674-6191