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Program Information

Mission & Goals
Learn about the philosophy, mission, and goals of the Speech-Language Pathology Program at Misericordia University.
Misericordia University has academic policies to ensure that students are treated equitably.
Admissions Requirements
The Speech-Language Pathology Program accepts various kinds of students—from traditional students to post-baccalaureate students looking to change fields.
Graduation Requirements
Find out about the criteria needed to graduate with the Master of Science degree in Speech-Language Pathology.
Transfer of Graduate Credits
Students accepted into the Speech-Language Pathology Program for graduate study as a transfer from an accredited SLP program at another institution will have their transcripts reviewed to determine which courses are transferable.
Curriculum Objectives
Curriculum objectives have been laid out to ensure that graduates of the Speech-Language Pathology Program will be prepared for their professional roles and responsibilities.
Academic & Clinical Curriculum
SLP Course Sequence
The suggested sequence of courses for traditional students is provided. Note: Sequence will vary for non-traditional, transfer, and graduate students.
Student Outcome Data
Find out more about testing pass rates, employment rates, and program completion rates.
Clinical Curriculum
Hands-on clinical experience is necessary to complete the program. Clinical experience includes observations, coursework, and practicum hours.
SLP Student Handbook
(navigation facilitated through use of bookmarks & table of contents links)
Course Descriptions
Detailed descriptions of all SLP courses are provided.