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Mentoring Network

Our Mentoring Network is a valuable resource which provides our current students access to alumni of the College who are interested in sharing their educational and professional experiences. Both Alumni and current students can access this resource through College Central Network. College Central Network, College Central Network Link our on-line Mentoring Network all students and alumni should use. This system provides our Alumni the opportunity to connect with our current students and share their valuable life experience to students faced with significant educational and professional decisions. Student Directions: COLLEGE CENTRAL NETWORK (CCN) ON LINE MENTOR PROGRAM INSTRUCTIONS TO LOG ON:

  1. Go to the Misericordia University Web Site:
  2. Click on the “Career Center” Link
  3. Click on the “College Central” Link (on the College Central “box” ) under the picture of McAuley Hall
  4. Click on “Students & Alumni” on the Right
  5. Click on “Students” on the Right

For 1st Time Users:

  1. Click “Register”
  2. Enter “Misericordia University”
  3. Create a Unique ID (possibly your Social Security Number)
  4. Create a Unique Password (possibly your phone number)
  5. Click on “Continue Registration and Fill Out the Form
  6. All Fields / Items with an Asterisk* are Mandatory
  7. Once You’re Registered, Follow the Steps to contact a mentor

How to Contact a Mentor:

  1. Enter your ID and Password, then click on “GO”
  2. Click on “Search for Mentors”
  3. Enter the password “insalaco” and click on “Access Mentoring Network”
  4. Search for a mentor by any of the criteria listed
  5. Search by State, Country, Employer Name, Job Title/ Job Type, Major, Graduation Year, Degree, Co-Curricular Activities, or Mentoring Activities.
  6. Click on “Begin Search”

Questions to Ask It is important to be prepared. Your mentor is a very busy person. You want to make the most of the time you spend together.

  1. Find out some background information about this person: length of time in current position/organization, major job responsibilities, organizational structure of their area, past career path which led to this position.
  2. Find out more about their job and profession: what a typical day is like, personal likes/dislikes of job/profession, frequently recurring problems in such an occupation/job, major rewards of occupation/job,  skills most utilized in profession/job, employment outlook for the profession, professional associations he/she is active in and may recommended for you to join/contact, general salaries and benefits for profession, aspects of his/her education or other skills that helped most in current job, how has technology changed the job/profession.
  3. Get Some Advice: share your background/goals with the mentor,  volunteer, obtain advice regarding your job search or selection of a career path, show the mentor volunteer your resume for advice if appropriate, and/or to hold for future reference and consideration. Ask for literature or a tour if you would like more information about the company/organization. Ask for a referral to another contact person, if appropriate, to continue networking ask for job search advice or tips he/she can provide.

Alumni Registration Directions: ONLINE MENTORING PROGRAM - Serving as a career services volunteer opens doors and provide opportunities for our students and graduates by offering internships, job shadowing, and employment opportunities. Along with these invaluable services, many of our volunteers are serving also as mentors. Mentors help students decide on a career path, provide graduate school information, or offer employment opportunity advice. To help students connect with an appropriate mentor, the College has implemented an online mentoring program though the Insalaco Center for Career Development’s College Central Network website. If you are interested in becoming an online mentor, we ask you complete an online profile by following these simple instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Students/Alumni
  3. Click Mentoring Network
  4. Click on Join our Mentoring Network
  5. Enter the password “insalaco” and click on Access Mentoring Network

To enter your profile, click Add Your Profile, then Register and Add Profile and fill in your information. Required information is noted with a red asterisk. All other information is optional. (Please note that your address, phone number, and email address will not be visible to the student.) After you complete the form, select a personal ID and Password that you will remember and click Save Profile. Furthermore, this secure site, which can only be accessed by a password you set, allows you to update your information and interact with students at your convenience. Note: Please do not hesitate to contact Virginia Conrad, volunteer coordinator, at 570.674.6228, toll free at 866.262.6363, or email, if you have any questions about this program or would like more information. Also available for assistance is Bernedette Rushmer, Director of the Insalaco Center for Career Development at 570.674.8028 or by email