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Special Programs

Bridge Program

The Bridge Program provides incoming first year students with an opportunity to come on campus five days before their first semester begins to learn skills and techniques to help them build a "bridge" between their high school and college experiences. The Bridge Program provides both academic and personal motivational support through a series of workshops that address note-taking, academic organizing, time management, text book reading, goal development, stress management, peer pressure, and positive thinking. Students are assessed in the areas of study skills, personality/learning style and self-esteem. They are then provided with techniques to strengthen areas of weakness and are affirmed in their areas of strength. In addition, students have an opportunity to get to know other students before the formal semester begins and to develop the staff, student and faculty support networks that can assist them in making a smooth transition to college. Student participation in the Bridge Program is by invitation and is strictly voluntary.

First Year Experience

The First Year Experience Program (FYE) is designed to orient first year students to the institution and help them integrate themselves into the College community. Through a special introductory session at orientation and six follow up weekly classroom workshops during the Fall semester, all first year students have the opportunity to become familiar with key offices, services and resource on campus and to explore issues related to college life, i.e., diversity, wellness, thinking, learning, peer pressure and drugs and alcohol. They also have an opportunity to develop a support network consisting of fellow students, student service personnel and faculty. During the Spring semester, all First Year students participate in another FYE Program devoted to leadership development. Students work with their facilitators and classmates to assess their leadership potential and plan for activities and opportunities to explore their leadership capabilities both on and off campus.

Choice Program

Misericordia University's Choice Program consists of a series of seven workshops designed to assist Undeclared students explore their interests, values and skills as well as the various Misericordia major curricula and world of work. All incoming first year Undeclared students are encouraged to participate in this experience. During the seven-week series, students will complete a series of informal assessments, engage in individual and group reflection experiences, interact with area employers representing student's fields of interest, explore the Misericordia catalogue and meet with Misericordia professors to explore career options in the various major fields. The Choice Program offers Undeclared students an opportunity to interact with other students who are exploring their futures and provides them with a support system as they adjust to college and make decisions about their major and career choices. This workshop series is co-facilitated by the Student Success Center and the Insalaco Center for Career Development.

Undeclared Academic Advising

Each student at Misericordia University is assigned an academic faculty advisor within the student's major department. Students who are undecided about their major are assigned an advisor who is representative of the faculty or student services. These particular advisors are individuals who have demonstrated an interest in the undeclared student and who have participated in training activities regarding undeclared advising and the various college curricula. Academic advisors are students liaison with other college offices. Advisors should be consulted often for guidance and advice. In addition to lending academic guidance, advisors can provide information on resources on campus and on where to obtain and how to complete necessary forms pertaining to academics. Academic advisement for Undeclared students is coordinated through the Student Success Center. For more information, call (570) 674-6408 or e-mail at