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Elder Religious and Diocesan Priests Workshop

37th Annual Elder Religious & Diocesan Priests Workshop 2014

June 20- June 26, 2014

"Click here for the ERDP Workshop 2014 Brochure (pdf)".


The 37th Annual Elder Religious and Diocesan Priests 2014 Workshop is already gearing up for next year. The workshop provides information that specializes in practical applications and solutions and a strong support-networking system across the spiritual, psychological, medical, pastoral, and practical aspects of caring and administering to the elders in our religious congregations and dioceses.

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What past participants say

Designed for
• sisters • ministers
• brothers • deacons
• priests • laity

In positions of
• leadership • administrators
• nurses • nurse practitioners
• retirement planners • geriatric personnel
• social workers • recreation therapists
• counselors • outreach workers
• dietitians • chaplains
• pastoral staff • membership personnel

• Mini sabbatical for priests, brothers, and sisters
• Faculty specifically chosen for their expertise and ability to relate to this
focused group
• Integrates the spiritual, psychological, medical, pastoral, and practical
issues concerning the aged
• Opens channels linking you into a strong support and networking
system; you continue to benefit long after the workshop has ended


Wayne Fitzpatrick, MM, MA, MS
Wayne earned a master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling from Loyola University and a master’s degree in Theology from Maryknoll School of Theology. He is a certified Retirement Planning Specialist. He has extensive experience working as a geriatric and pastoral consultant with religious communities and is a co-planner of the Elder Religious and Diocesan Priests workshops. Wayne is a member of the Governing Council for the Forum on Religion, Spirituality and Aging with the American Society on Aging. He is a member of the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers and resides at the Maryknoll Center in New York.

Mary Hopkins, OP, MS
Mary holds a master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling/Spirituality from Loyola University. A Certified Retirement Planning Specialist and Grief Counselor, Mary has extensive experience working as a geriatric and pastoral consultant with religious congregations and dioceses as well as preaching retreats. She is a co-planner of the Elder Religious and Diocesan Priests workshops. Mary is a member of the Governing Council for the Forum on Religion, Spirituality and Aging with the American Society on Aging. Past experience includes 10 years as Director of Third Age Retirement Office of the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters. She resides at the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters Motherhouse in Wisconsin.

James Siberski, MS, CMC
Jim holds a graduate degree in Human Resource Development, and is an affiliate member of American Geriatric Psychiatrist Association. Certified in Remotivation Therapy, Activities Therapy, and Gerontology. Jim is the coordinator and assistant professor of Gerontology Education in the Center for Professional Development at Misericordia University. He has experience in activities planning and delivery in geriatric populations, religious communities, and long-term care facilities. Jim lectures on suicide prevention, mood disorders, and personality disorders in the elderly, and is a frequent presenter at professional conferences. He is an author in many journals, including the journal of Psychological Nursing, Directors Guide, and Remotivator. Jim is also a member of the Board of Directors of Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Pennsylvania.

For more information about Elder Religious Diocesan Priests 37th Annual Conference contact Thea Musto at 570-674-6155 or e-mail at


What Past Participants say.

“In this insightful conference, I learned much from the professional speakers and the opportunities to discuss current challenges with the participants who bring a wealth of wisdom to the experience.”

—Sister Margaret Taylor, Director of Admissions, Regina Health Center, Richfield, OH


“The conference was worth the long journey from Aotearoa, New Zealand to the United States! I return with new insights and energy to explore and develop a spirituality of aging.”
—Sister Anne Campbell, NGA WHAEA ATAWHAI O AOTEAROA, Sisters of Mercy New Zealand

“As a newly appointed religious director of an assisted living facility and an acute care facility I found the presentations very helpful. The networking was invaluable.”

—Brother Thomas P. Cunningham, OFC, Religious Superior, Brothers of Holy Cross, Midwest Province, Notre Dame, IN


“I have been a “regular” at these conferences and each year I leave with new ideas, new insights and new life within. I feel these conferences are a retreat in themselves with outstanding presentations which helps one to grow spiritually. The morning prayers and the Liturgy are something you look forward to each day! The team makes you feel at home and is always aware of your needs during the week!!”

—Sister Johneen Owens, Sisters of Mercy, Omaha, Omaha, NE

“People at the conference really understood the challenges of my ministry. Their practical solutions gave me new tools. Their spiritual wisdom nurtured me.”

—Father Paul Holland, Rector/Campion Center, N.E. Province, Society of Jesus, Weston, MA

“Every day I said to myself “that talk in and of itself was worth coming to the conference. Everything, the topics the sharing the liturgies the food far surpassed my expectations.”

—Br. Vincent J. Vivian, Director (Nurse), Conventual Franciscans, Ellicott City, MD

“These workshops are a wonderful opportunity for renewal. I have been attending for 3 years and I have learned something new each year. These workshops have been a tremendous help to me professionally, personally and spiritually. I recommend the workshop to anyone who is involved in any way in the ministry of health care for elder religious and diocesan priests. Thank You!”

—Sr. Mary Anne Sharron, ASCJ, Administrator, Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Hamden, CT