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Capital Projects-Shakespeare Garden

View of the Shakespeare Garden

Why a Shakespeare Garden?

In a world where technology reigns and time is measured in nanoseconds, we often have to remind ourselves to develop personal interests that explore our creativity. What better opportunity than gardening to stir the senses with the simple pleasures in life? Perhaps all that is needed is a touch of inspiration and, for that, what better source than Shakespeare? The Bard’s works overflow with flowers and botanical allusions, with magical moonlit glades, and with gardens as both settings
and metaphors.

At Misericordia, the study of Shakespeare is not just a part of our history but is carried on in today’s classroom and spills outdoors for performances of Shakespearean Theatre-on–the-Green. Whether you ask our alumni or our students, they all will mention that special professor whose love of Shakespeare continues to inspire them. However, one name tends to recur, transcending the different decades of alumni beginning with her classmates in the 40’s and reaching out to students in the 90’s, encompassing the greater community and everyone she touched as a teacher, scholar, friend, Sister of Mercy, or family member—Sister Regina Kelly. Everyone who knew her quickly learned how deeply she treasured Shakespeare.

With her love of the Bard in mind, and with the University’s beautiful grounds as a backdrop, we asked ourselves: What more fitting tribute to Regina and the colleagues who shared her love of Shakespeare than something connected to the study of Shakespeare? And so, in 2003, Misericordia began to nurture an idea as a mere seedling, starting with designating an area where plants, flowers, and herbs mentioned in Shakespeare’s plays would grow. The first year of this project served as the roots, the beginning of a living text that will enhance the life of the University for years to come.

This idea has grown into the plans you see here today. And, with the Muses permitting, our garden will continue to grow as magnificent as your heartfelt generosity. Our garden can blossom to include many featured plants in Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets, such as Roses from Romeo and Juliet, Narcissus from Anthony and Cleopatra, and Lavender from The Winter’s Tale. And we can add shrubs, trees, benches, arbors, a sundial and more!

We hope you will help us honor Shakespeare, Sister Regina and her colleagues by contributing to the fund for our garden. Since this will be the first and only Shakespeare Garden in all of northeast Pennsylvania, by doing so you will also be investing in the community at large. Gifting opportunities both great and modest are noted on the enclosed Garden Selections insert.

Please help our garden grow.

To view our garden plans and gift selection options, click the subpages in the left sidebar.

Click here to check out the Shakespeare Garden on the Back Mountain Bloomers website.  The Back Mountain Bloomers is a community-based organization committed to increasing ethusiasm for and knowledge of horticulture and gardening, and the conservation of natural resources.

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