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B.S. Applied Behavioral Sciences



The Applied Behavioral Sciences program is an interdisciplinary social science program that equips graduates with a solid academic foundation to enter careers where the graduate’s unique knowledge of relationships, problem-solving, ethics, and conflict resolution provides a framework for effectively working with diverse populations of people.   The curriculum is designed for professionals interested in providing direct service to individuals in need of assistance. 

The BS-ABS degree seeks to assist those already employed in the field to improve their educational background and skills, thereby increasing job mobility.  In addition, the BS-ABS degree provides an excellent background for advanced degree pursuit in the fields of human services, psychology, counseling, and social work. 

Program Delivery
The program is delivered in a convenient format that will fit an adult learner’s schedule. The Expressway format offers courses online, one night a week, on weekends, or a blended combination to accommodate busy work and family scheduling requirements.  The program can be completed by attending class part-time in as little as 2 1/2 years.

What will I be able to do with a degree in Applied Behavior Sciences (ABS)?
• Enter the expanding social service workforce including public and private agencies
• Take advantage of opportunities that exist in a variety of human service areas including community outreach, nursing homes, mental health, addictions, aging, children and families, veterans, working with individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities
• Build on the solid MU academic foundation and continue to graduate study in counseling, psychology, and social work
• Succeed in a wide range of challenging careers spanning the federal, state, local, and private sectors including work with profit and non-profit agencies

Who can help me if I have questions?
For more information about the Applied Behavioral Sciences program at Misericordia University, please call the Office of Admissions at (570) 674-6791.

ABS Course Requirements
To successfully earn a BS in Applied Behavioral Sciences, in addition to the core curriculum requirements, students will need to complete the course requirements listed below.

Major Requirements (42 credits)  Students must complete all courses listed in this category.

Course Number Course Name   Credits
*ABS Portfolio (non credit) 0
POL 100 American National Government 3
PSY 250 Social Psychology 3
PSY 285 Communication Skills 3
PSY 290 Psychopathology 3
SOC 122 Social Problems 3

SOC 221 or


Cultural Minorities

Cult Dev Comp w/Children & Families

SOC 321 The Family 3
SWK 101 Introduction to Social Work 3
SWK 232 Research Methods 3
SWK 350 Human Behavior I 3
  Major Electives (21 credits)  
Course Number Course Name Credits
PSY PSY Elective 3
PSY/SWK Elective 18

 *The ABS portfolio requirement is a non-credit bearing platform on which students will include work already completed which reflects the achievement of the thirteen program goals. Work will be submitted on Blackboard with reflections. No new course work will need to be completed. This assessment process is necessary and required by our accreditors.

Total Credits for Degree Completion                  121


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