Dr. Massey elected to Physician Assistant Education Association Board of Directors

Dr. Scott L. Massey
Scott L. Massey, Ph.D., P.A.-C., the founding department chairperson, program director and professor of Misericordia University’s five-year Master of Science program in Physician Assistant Studies, has been elected to serve on the Physician Assistant Education Association Board of Directors.

The Physician Assistant Education Association is the only national organization in the country representing physician assistant education programs. It serves as a resource for individuals and organizations from various professional sectors interested in the educational aspects of the profession. The association is the organization primarily responsible for collecting, publishing and disseminating information on physician assistant programs, according to its website (

Dr. Massey holds an Associate of Science in physician assistant from Kettering College of Medical Arts, Kettering, Ohio; a bachelor’s degree from the Regents College External Degree Program at The State University of New York at Albany, N.Y.; a Master of Science in education from the University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio; and a Ph.D., in leadership from the Andrews University Leadership Program, Berrien Springs, Mich. He also completed the management development program at the Harvard University School of Education.

He is known nationally for his strong track record of scholarship and publishing related to student learning and faculty development. He is also recognized for his ability to improve the certification pass rates and scores for physician assistant programs. Dr. Massey is widely sought after as a physician assistant program development consultant for national and international programs that are accredited and are beginning the accreditation process. As an external reviewer, he has worked with Seton Hall University, South Orange, N.J.; Keiser University, Daytona Beach, Fla.; Wingate University, Wingate, N.C.; University of the Cumberlands, Williamsburg, Kent.; St. Katherine’s University, Minneapolis, Minn.; and the University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio.

Dr. Massey’s expertise as a consultant also involves the development of distance education campuses for established physician assistant programs. He has been an invited presenter at several physician assistant programs to focus on topics such as faculty development and programmatic assessment. Between 1999-2003, he also served as a visiting professor and helped to develop a physician extender program at Hospital Albert Schweitzer in the Republic of Haiti. Dr. Massey also has been involved with the International Association of Physician Associate Educators and has spoken about the profession in the People’s Republic of China while participating in the People to People Ambassador Program.

Dr. Massey previously worked at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) in Manchester, N.H., where he was the assistant provost of academic affairs and associate professor in the School of Physician Assistant Studies. He previously served MCPHS as the dean and program director of physician assistant studies.

In 2011, MCPHS recognized his contributions to the college by naming him dean emeritus and the New Hampshire Society of Physician Assistants presented him with the Physician Assistant of the Year Award at the annual Primary Care Conference in Portsmouth, N.H. Dr. Massey also participated in the Distinguished Visiting Professor Program at South College, Knoxville, Tenn., where he provided expert perspectives about program self-assessment.

Dr. Massey has significant clinical experience as a physician assistant, as well. His clinical career has focused on primary care as he has held physician assistant positions in rural Wisconsin and urban emergency rooms in the Dayton, Ohio area. He also has provided care in the geriatric field as well. In Haiti, he participated in clinical practice at various sites and facilities.

In the Journal of Physician Assistant Education, he has co-authored several peer reviewed articles, including the “Effects of an Interactive Learning System on the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam (PANCE) Performance,’’ “The Effects of Synchronized Distance Education on Academic Achievement in a Physician Assistant Studies Program,’’ “The Relationship Between Formative and Summative Examinations,’’ and “PANCE Scores: Can the Past Predict the Future?’’ In the International Journal of Distance Education, Dr. Massey co-authored the article, “The Effects of Synchronized Distance Education on Anxiety, Depression and Academic Achievement.’’ In the journal, Currents in Pharmacy, Teaching and Learning, he published, “Synchronized Distance Education on Anxiety, Depression and Academic Achievement in an Accelerated PharmD Program.’’

Dr. Massey and his colleagues have also conducted multiple-year studies on important issues affecting physician assistant programs nationwide, such as the “Effects of Synchronized Distance Education on Anxiety, Depression and Academic Achievement in a Physician Assistant Studies Program.’’ The Massey-led team presented its findings at the 3rd annual International Academy of Physician Associate Educators Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, in 2010. Dr. Massey also has participated in and presented at many other state, national and regional conferences.

Numerous national and international professional associations also have invited Dr. Massey to deliver presentations and speeches. He has published or presented one book, one monograph, seven peer-reviewed articles, five abstracts, 10 poster presentations, and 27 podium presentations. Dr. Massey has also presented three national webinars and two invited workshops. He has developed a platform of scholarly activity with presentations focusing on enhancement of student learning in areas such as learning styles, test-taking skills, learner-centered education, and cooperative learning. Dr. Massey has presented on these topics at the Physician Assistant Education Association annual forum, which is the premier organization for physician assistant educators. In 2011 and 2012, he co-facilitated a two-day workshop that focused on enhanced educational skills for faculty at the Physician Assistant Education Association Forum in New Orleans, La., and Seattle, Wash.

Dr. Massey co-wrote the book, “Classroom to Clinic Study System: Personal Professor for Clinical Rotations and PANCE/PANRE,’’ in 2010 with Dr. Mona Sedrak of Seton Hall University.

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